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The Technogym line machines chosen for our Fitness room combines cutting-edge technology, innovative materials and an excellent design to offer not only cardio workouts and professional weights, but also an attractive multimedia experience for customers to have fun while exercising.

We have treadmills, reclining or elliptical bicycles that have a new and powerful screen with integrated speakers that offer endless entertainment possibilities: television, radio, games, web, music and videos. Of course they also have Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity.

The reclining bicycles have adjustable ergonomic seats to constantly guarantee the maintenance of the correct posture without straining the muscles of the back. In the case of ellipticals, they are the first ones that serve for the training of the whole body.

The machines chosen for functional training have been those of the KINESIS line because they offer an infinite variety of three-dimensional exercises and progressions. Users can progress gradually from a basic guided routine to free and natural training.

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