Spa Rate

Special rate for guest: € 20 per access (75 minutes).

In the hours of 3:30 to 6:30 the jacuzzi may remain blocked for scheduled activities, its use being limited (consult us previously) or it is mandatory to make an appointment.


  • We remind you that the whole area has salt water. It is a system of ecological disinfection and respectful with the environment. Positively influences the health of its users: Less irritation and redness of the eyes, less dryness of the skin, slows down the formation of wrinkles, revitalizes the tissues, mitigates rheumatic and muscular pain, improves blood circulation and favors the elimination of toxins.
  • The water seems to be softer, we float more easily and our movements become more graceful. Without aggressive products, we avoid contact with chemical products, exclusively favoring the feelings of well-being in the water through different therapies, relaxing treatments or the practice of swimming.
  • * It is mandatory to take a shower before entering the water.
  • * Obligatory use of SWIMWEAR, CHANCLAS and POOL CAP.
  • * It is not allowed to enter the bathing area with clothes or street shoes.
  • * Prohibited access with any open wound or if you suffer from infectious, dermatological or contagious diseases.
  • * Maximum capacity: Pool 6 people. Jacuzzi: 12 people.
  • * It is forbidden to eat or perform any act that generates waste in the room.
  • * It is forbidden to carry out dangerous activities that disturb or endanger the integrity and health of any of the users.
  • * No photographs or videos are allowed without express authorization from the center.
  • * Children can not be alone, they should always be under the supervision and guardianship of an adult.
  • * Access prohibited with glass or similar items, as well as jewelry, toys and sharp objects.
  • * The use of creams and cosmetic products in water is not allowed.
  • * The use of shampoo or bath gel is limited to costume showers.
  • * The facilities are equipped with surveillance system with image recording.
  • * For treatments and massages, we ask you to be prepared 5 minutes before. Our staff will notify you when your cabin is ready.
  • * All users must respect the instructions of the staff of the center, respecting the times of RESERVE OF FACILITIES for some therapy that can be consulted in reception.
  • * It is recommended that all users undergo a medical examination prior to sports.
  • * By regulation, the temperature of the pool will oscillate between 28-30 degrees centigrade and the jacuzzi between 32 and 35 degrees centigrade.
  • * Consult your doctor if you are or think you are pregnant or have a health problem. It is advisable to hydrate before and after using the SPA.
  • * Please deposit the dirty towels in the containers authorized for it.