Lifestyle and gastronomy are concepts that combine perfectly. In a healthy life, food plays a fundamental role and the ingredients, the way of cooking it and combining them determine its suitability. Sports, correct eating habits and the development of the intellect are the keys to promote a good lifestyle. Many of us fill ourselves with good intentions and purposes, but let's be honest ... How many of us really fulfill them? To achieve our goals and not remain mere attempts, we must maintain the initial motivation. And how is it achieved? Taking care of ourselves from the inside.

The M29 Restaurant offers us the perfect alternative. In collaboration with Miguel Angel Wellness Club have created healthy and light menus that will help us to purify our body and load it with vitamins and minerals. The best option to "detoxify" excesses and prepare the body to finally meet all our challenges. Authentic menu healthy and balanced where we discovered that the light and the tasty does not have to be incompatible.