In Miguel Ángel Wellness Club we think that there are no two people alike so each exercise will be designed in a personalized way taking into account its own characteristics and objectives.


It integrates all the aspects of the movement of the body since it works on the strength, flexibility and global coordination of all the muscles and not of an isolated group. Poly-articular exercises predominate.

This type of training is used both in sports and situations that arise in daily life.

It is a tailor-made program in which the objective is to readjust the muscular imbalances generated by the bad postures we adopt every day. Exercises of muscular strengthening, stretching of the muscular chains, joint mobilizations, activities in the aquatic environment, improvement of balance and breathing are carried out, which in turn are combined with specific points of the energy channels of different oriental therapies.

• MUSCLE STRENGTHENING: a weak muscle can not effectively perform its function, which is to protect and mobilize the joints. In addition it will serve as support to get more easily a correct posture.

• STRETCHING MUSCLE CHAINS: The function of muscle chains is postural regulation. In each of them involved different muscles with multiple planes of action. The chains combine with each other to achieve any type of movement that we want to make. We have anterior, posterior, crossed, external and internal chains and any shortening in any of them means loss of mobility in several joints, varying the way in which our body relates to the environment in which we live.

• Different techniques of ARTICULAR MOBILIZATION are used in order to improve the amplitude of movement. A joint blocked or limited at the mobility level will not fulfill its function correctly.

• Exercises in the aquatics: Here the effect of gravity is less, being beneficial for exercises in which you want to work with little impact on the joints. This means also allows us to perform many different exercises.

• BALANCE: There are two types of equilibria, static and dynamic. These are closely related to the center of gravity of each person while stimulating coordination and body awareness.

• BREATHING: with it we learn to control the diaphragm and to consciously mobilize the entire thoracic cage helping to eliminate many tensions and back pains.

• ORIENTAL THERAPIES: The East has a very different vision to ours regarding how to treat health. The fusion of the best western techniques with oriental ones results in the Healthy Body Program where injuries can be prevented in a personalized and integral way taking care of the physical and mental well-being in the same activity.


Overweight and obesity is a very common problem among first world countries because of the type of food and sedentary lifestyle. Here we have a tailor-made plan, in which in addition to losing those extra kilos, we will advise in order not to recover them again, thus improving the quality of life.


Meridian Stretching is a series of stretches and reinforcement of 12 muscle chains or tendinomuscular meridians, each of which is related to a channel, an organ and a structure of the body. Its foundation is related to Traditional Chinese Medicine and allows to work stretching, toning, body awareness, relaxation and improvement of the organic and psycho-emotional functions.

This series of stretches allows to unblock the energy that circulates through the meridians or energy channels in order that it flows freely improving the quality of life and the health of the people who practice them

Practicing these exercises on a regular basis will relieve stress, have more energy, increase concentration and maintain a more balanced health.

The sessions of Meridian Stretching have a duration of 60 'and can be done individually or in groups, accompanied by an instructor. It does not take anything more than light clothing that allows us to move without limitations and a good predisposition to listen to our own body.