The Watsu is a unique massage that creates the best conditions to release all kinds of tensions. Thanks to the absence of gravity, water mobilizes your entire body in all three dimensions, an issue that does not happen in any other type of massage, since the combination of stretcher and gravity always limits movements. In addition to the therapist creating movements, your own body will use the freedom that the aquatic environment gives you to make the adjustments you need and thus recover your natural well-being.

The Watsu is a very powerful technique, not only physically, but also to relieve mental stress. Clients often describe a state of reverie, as if they were "flying free in the sky".

During a Watsu session you will receive a mixture of stretching, twisting and pressing of Shiatsu points; You may feel your body moving loose and free, like a fish in water. At the end of the session, your column will be more flexible and all your joints will have lightened after an hour without seriousness.

The Watsu, in addition, provides lymphatic drainage. The hydrostatic pressure stimulates and potentiates blood and lymphatic circulation. Therefore, if you have ever suffered water retention or inflammation of the joints, the Watsu will be very beneficial.

Occasionally, Watsu is also used as therapy for traumas due to bad experiences related to the aquatic environment or water phobia. The therapist supports the client by always keeping his face on the surface, and thus allows him to experience a comfortable and safe flotation, without having to strain or worry to achieve it.

60 Minutes - 100 € | 30 Minutes - 65 €

Bonus of 5 sessions 60': € 350 | 10-session 60' bonus: € 500