Discipline indicated for all types of people, with no limits of age or level of physical condition: it can be practiced even by pregnant women or people with some kind of injury that makes it difficult to work outside the water, since the activities in the water allow carrying out a controlled body training thanks to the increase in water resistance that reduces the impact on muscles and joints.

In a session of aquafitness a very complete work is done: muscle toning, cardiovascular training, body control and stretching.


Aquatic activity aimed at the elderly in order to break the vicious circle of sedentary lifestyle, isolation, loneliness, dependence and insecurity that affect most people of advanced age.


Health program whose work purpose is purely corrective-preventive taking advantage of the physical properties that the aquatic environment presents.

It is aimed at compensating and treating deviations of the spine, and the compensation of injuries and diseases that may appear in the adult stage, through aquatic displacements.


Its purpose is to prepare the future mother by maintaining physical, psychological and emotional health to cross satisfactorily and harmoniously all the changes involved in the gestation period and post-partum recovery.


Monthly fee: € 120 | 10 access bonus: € 150

Free swimming activity.
The swimming streets are not for individual use, they can be shared by several people. Exceptionally we will try to activate a street available to those customers who train with continuous swimming, not exceeding 45'.

  • Personal training bonus of 30 Minutes € 350 / 10 sessions
  • Personal training bonus of 60 Minutes € 500 / 10 sessions
  • Personal training session of 30 Minutes € 40
  • Personal training session of 60 Minutes 65 €