Social Commitment



The City of Hope and Happiness Foundation was created in 2001 under the spiritual principles of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, characterized by its commitment to the most disadvantaged people.

As the main foundation in their projects, highlight their work in education, an essential instrument to eradicate poverty and help each person to be self-sufficient and the architect of their own destiny. They also include among their plans, actions in social infrastructure, health and nutrition, working essentially for the benefit of children, young people, women, people with disabilities and at risk of social exclusion.

Although throughout its history its interventions have focused on Asia, Africa, Latin America and Spain, in recent years they have modified their strategy of action, moving their activity to a smaller number of countries in order to be more effective and efficient. thus achieving a greater impact. At present, they work in close collaboration with local associations and institutions, favoring the sustainable and endogenous development of the communities they support.

The economic resources they have come from the contributions of their collaborators, donations from supporters and the general public, the support of numerous companies and, above all, the benefits obtained in the awareness-raising activities that the Foundation organizes throughout of the year. Therefore, the Hotel Miguel Angel has the pleasure of collaborating one more year in the XIV Edition of the Indian Bazaar organized annually by the Foundation in our facilities.