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The Hotel Miguel Angel of Madrid has joined the network of connected defibrillators of Madrid managed by the 112 and has a Connected Operational Defibrillator, DOC, of ​​B + Safe, whose purpose is to protect its guests, visitors and employees.

The equipment is installed in the hall and, since it is a portable and geolocatable device, it can be used, in cases of cardiac accident, in any dependency of the hotel, even in the street, with all the guarantees.

In addition to having the team, the most advanced in the market, the Hotel Miguel Angel has staff trained by B + Safe in the use of the defibrillator and in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Basic Life Support (SVB) techniques.

In this way, the Hotel Miguel Angel is permanently connected to the DOC defibrillator to the emergency network of the Community of Madrid SUMMA 112 and prepared to provide assistance in the event of a heart attack.

In Spain there is no common regulation to regulate the compulsory nature and use of defibrillators, and not all autonomous communities require its installation. In the case of Madrid, a regulation was recently approved that regulates its compulsory nature in hotels with more than 100 places.

The Hotel Miguel Angel is a landmark in Madrid, located in the tourist center of the city. It has 267 rooms and facilities such as Centro Wellnes with SPA and Fitness area, Restaurant M29 or El Jardín terrace. Now the whole complex will have the added security of a defibrillator of last generation.