The entire team of the Hotel Miguel Angel is very committed to the sustainability of the environment. We are all aware of the daily activity of the Hotel Miguel Angel and the high consumption of resources, which is why we carry out good practices every day to minimize and respect the environment, among others we can highlight the following:

* We make a responsible water management, reducing its consumption and its reuse ..
* We prioritize the consumption of seasonal foods.
* We avoid the waste of food by making a fair measure of consumption ..
* We recycle all kinds of materials, organic, plastic, paper, glass, etc. in all the facilities of the Hotel.
* We use efficient machinery with low energy consumption.
* Use of more ecological cleaning products with less environmental impact.
* Optimization of paper, using telematic means.

Similarly, the Miguel Angel Hotel is committed to different actions carried out by different groups in the Miguel Angel Hotel, supporting its humanitarian and solidarity causes for disadvantaged situations.

"The Earth is not an inheritance of our parents,
but a loan from our children. "


The City of Hope and Joy Foundation was created in 2001 under the spiritual principles of Mother Teresa of Calcutta characterized by her commitment to the most disadvantaged people


Balia has counted on collaboration from the Hotel Miguel Angel to celebrate her 15-year charity party, the collection of the tickets will go destined to finance the educational programs of children and girls who are at risk of social exclusion in Spain.


With the aim of facilitating access to the labor market for people who have conditions of employability and to achieve a normalization of their personal and family situation, in 2013 I started COOKING EMPLOYMENT.


Two non-profit organizations with the same social purpose: to help children with disabilities. From both entities, families are granted financing to assume the costs of therapies and orthopedics of their children.


The Hotel Miguel Angel has a defibrillator whose purpose is to protect your guests, visitors and employees. This is installed in the hall and since it is a portable and geolocatable equipment, it can be used in cases of cardiac accident.


The Hotel Miguel Angel collaborates with GEICAM, the leading academic group in clinical, epidemiological and translational research in breast cancer in Spain with a recognized prestige nationally and internationally.