wifi gigabit WIFI GIGABIT


The Miguel Angel Hotel is one of the first hotels throughout Spain to have the fastest WiFi connectivity that exists in the market: Meru Networks Gigabit WiFi (802.11ac).

Connections videoconferencing, remote, teamwork and daily use of Internet become much easier and enjoyable if the connection is fast, efficient and safe. This high speed WiFi gives the Hotel Miguel Angel art equipment to triple the speed and performance of the current WiFi networks.
Ideal for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops, thanks to AP832 access points that provide high quality streaming video and full access to the applications they depend. This connectivity, together with an internet connection fiber optic 100Mb symmetrical WiFi experience will be one more reason to return to the Miguel Angel Hotel.

We also have exciting areas of coverage in our rooms, allowing us to offer a customized WiFi network for each event, with coverage for a high density of users in a limited space.

Name wifi SSID exclusive and personalized with the event title or any other choice.

Also includes CUSTOM ACCESS, up to 20 meg connection speed intended exclusively for your event. Check prices for more megs.

PRICES (21% VAT not included)::
wifi gigabit WIFI GIGABIT