When the good weather arrives, there is no better place in Madrid to celebrate a special event than the 1000m2 interior garden of the Hotel Miguel Angel… +INFO


Multiespace M29 divisor-salones

The M29 restaurant is the ideal spot for all types of event due to its neutral and elegant décor, spectacularly large widows with views, and above all the wonderful cuisine. +INFO


MEDICI Roomsdivisor-salones

With it’s elegant wooden panelling and spectacular views of the interior Miguel Angel garden. +INFO


RENACIMIENTO Roomsdivisor-salones

Recently refurbished and with a vintage feel, the Renacimiento room can extend to provide over 280m2 of space. +INFO


FLORENCIA Roomsdivisor-salones

With direct access from the lobby, the Florencia rooms can be separated into three distinct spaces: Florencia I, Florencia II and the hall. +INFO


ARNO AND SEÑORIA Roomsdivisor-salones

With a classic English style, warm décor and inviting feel the Arno rooms are perfect for meetings and exclusive private dining. +INFO