Hotel Miguel Angel by BlueBay Dedicated to Sustainability

The daily activity in the hotel requires a high consumption of resources. In spite of this, we can all try our hardest to reduce the impact we have on the environment.

At the Hotel Miguel Angel by BlueBay we are concerned with sustainability and we apply good practices aimed at improving our impact on the environment by:

* Reducing and recycling water.
* Consuming local, seasonal produce.
* Avoiding food waste.
* Recycling organic material – plastic, paper and glass throughout all of our facilities.
* Using efficient machinery, helping to consume less energy.

“The Earth is not an inheritance from our parents,
but rather a loan from our children.”


XIII BAZAR DE LA INDIAdivisor-salones

The City of Hope and Joy Foundation was created in 2001 under the spiritual principles of the Mother Teresa of Calcutta characterized by its commitment to the most disadvantaged…. +INFO


I COOK JOBSdivisor-salones

In order to facilitate access to the labor market of people who meet employability and achieve normalization of their personal and family circumstances, in 2013 it launched I COOK JOBS +INFO


BALIA FOUNDATIONdivisor-salones

In collaboration with the Balia Foundation, we fight against infant poverty in Spain. We collect 1 € for every Solidary Christmas Menu that will be destined to social and educational programs of Balia Foundation, for children and girls between 3 to 12 years who are at risk of social exclusion. +INFO



Two non-profit organizations with the same social purpose: to help children with disabilities.  From both entities are granted funding to families to bear the costs of therapies and Orthopaedics their children… +INFO